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Charles University in Prague - 2nd Faculty of Medicine

Charles University in Prague (founded 1348) is traditionally a major center of specialized education and scientific research in Central Europe. 2nd Medical Faculty has taken on both the 650-years long history of medical education and research in Prague and the 120-years old history of a specialized center for paediatric medicine. Together with the associated Motol Faculty Hospital, the 2nd Medical Faculty is presently the most modern health center and center of health education in the Czech Republic. Founded originally as a paediatric branch of the Prague general hospital (and medical faculty) and still preserving its sound as the super-specialized paediatric center serving the population of Czech Republic, it was complemented by a large complex of clinics for adult patients in the late 1990’s. Today, Motol Faculty Hospital is the most modern major hospital in the country with 2350 beds, 700 of them paediatric, and with 60000 yearly admissions and the 2nd Medical Faculty has grown into a modern school of general medicine. This large medical center equipped with up-to-date medical technology is the home of a number of specialized teams, some of them unique in Central-European context (paediatric cardiology, children's cochlear centre e.g.).

Joint departments of the 2nd Medical Faculty and the Motol Faculty Hospital provide super-consulting diagnostic and therapeutic care to patients from all of the Czech Republic; they care for large cohort of patients with various diseases related to current clinical research in programmes like rare diseases, immunology, genetics, paediatric nephrology or diabetes.

The first chair in Medical Informatics in the Czech Republic was created at the 2nd Medical Faculty in 1991, and health-related aspects of information technologies are one of the broader programs of the faculty. More recent projects in this field include development of Computer-Aided Diagnose Support Tools, cooperative development of electronic health records in Czech Republic, development of tools for follow-up of patients with rare diseases and for surveillance in epidemiology. In 2007, the multidisciplinary project MediGrid started systematic interlinking of approaches and tools stemming from biomedicine, mathematics and philosophy in order to develop practical and useful applications based on modern biomedical ontologies. . The close cooperation of medical informaticians with other departments of 2nd Medical Faculty allows the participation in large scale projects, such as the current FP7 project METABO.


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